Friday, 19 July 2013

Basic Marwari Words

To get started with, you must learn some basic Marwari words which is used in our day to day life. Marwari is a a language which is just spoken and not written. It has no script of its own. Most of the language, if you listen carefully, is similar to Hindi.

Basic words:

English   To   Marwari

Hello : Khammaosa

Girl : Chhori

Boy : Chhora

Man : Aadmi

Woman : Lugai

Kid : Taabar

Day : Din

Today : Aaj

Tomorrow : Kaale

Yesterday : Kaale

Day after tomorrow : Parson

Day before yesterday : Parson

Teacher : Maatsa

Bulb : Lattoo

Mother : Maasa

Father : Baasa

Mother-in-law : Sasuma

Father-in-law : Sasurji

Brother : Bhaisa

Sister : Behan

Sister's son (Nephew) : Bhanjo

Sister's daughter (Niece) : Bhanjie

Brother's son (Nephew) : Bhatijo

Brother's daughter (Niece) : Bhatijie

Father's brother(Uncle) : Kako

Father's sister-in-law(Aunt) : Kaki

Father's sister(Aunt) : Bhua

Father's brother-in-law(Uncle) : Fufaji

Mother's sister(Aunt) : Maasiji

Mother's brother-in-law(Uncle) : Maasaji

Mother's brother(Uncle) : Mamaji

Mother's sister-in-law (Aunt) : Mamiji

The next set of words is getting ready. Until then get comfortable with the above words. Happy learning!!!


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  3. How to call with respect ,aggarwal sahab,

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  5. It's easy method to learn this language.

  6. Replies
    1. Please tell me the full phrase where these words were used. I can help you better that way.

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    1. Itno aacho lagyo to taaliya to honi hi chaahe...

  15. it is with me (yeh mere pass hai)