Tuesday, 27 September 2016

I don't like you- Marwari translation

Well, I can't imagine a scenario where one would want to say this to a Marwari IN Marwari but just so you should  know, I'm translating it. It may come in handy, who knows!

"I don't like you"


To him & her: Tu mahnne pasand koni.

To him & her: Aap mahnne pasand koni.


If you want to make an impact and truly mean what you are saying, then you should try this:

"I don't like you at all"


To him & her: Tu mahnne bilkul bhi pasand koni.

To him & her: Aap mahnne bilkul bhi pasand koni.

(Cheesy picture courtesy: town in Rajastan) 

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Can I ask you a question? Marwari Translation

Well this could come in handy when you're about to or want to ask some question to a marwari person. Just to have a personal touch and to make the person realize that it's something important you're going to ask, you could try asking it in marwari language. And this is how you should:

"Can I ask you a question?"


Informal(common for both the genders)
To him and her: Kai mai thanne ek prashn pooch saku?

Respectful (common for both the genders)
To him and her: Kai mai aapne ek prashn pooch saku?

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Where have you been? Marwari Translation

You're waiting for someone at someplace or you've simply planned to meet up someone. The first thing you ask him/her on seeing them is 'Where have you been?' or 'Where did you go?' 

Let's see how you'd ask this question in Marwari.

"Where did you go?"


To him: Tu siddh gayo tho? or Tu khatte gayo tho?
To her: Tu siddh gayi thi? or Tu khatte gayi thi?

Respectful (common for both the genders)
Aap siddh gaya tha? or Aap khatte gaya tha?

Now let's look at another form of asking the same question.

"Where have you been?"


To him: Siddh jaane aariyo hai? or Khatte jaane aariyo hai?
To her: Siddh jaane aari hai? or Khatte jaane aari hai?

Respectful (common for both the genders)
Siddh jaane aariya ho? or Khatte jaane aariya ho?

What's happening? - Marwari Translation

Any icebreaker in a conversation or should I say any initial chat these days always starts with a "What's up", which basically means 'what's going on'.

Let me translate that into Marwari for you. So, you know, don't have to sit ideally in that marwari wedding *pun intended*.

"What's going on?"


"What's happening"

In Marwari, this is asked in just one way irrespective of the gender you're asking to.


Aur kai chaal riyo hai?

Sunday, 24 January 2016

I don't like it- Marwari translation

I have been updating all the positive phrases until now. How about learning something negative?

You see, life is not fair at all times. You have to say a no when needed. You have to be a little negative and probably just saying 'I don't like it' would convey what you're trying to say.

Suppose you don't seem to like something. You say 'I don't like it' or 'I didn't like it'. Plain and simple.

Now let me tell you how would you say that in Marwari.

1) I don't like it


Mahnne accho nahi lage.


Mahnne accho nahi lagriyo hai.

2) I didn't like it


Mahnne accho nahi lago.


Mahnne accho nahi lagyo.

Good luck and happy learning!  

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

I want to learn Marwari- translation

So when you start learning a language, it so happens that you ask someone who is very much familiar with it to teach you. You can simply go tell the person to teach you the language. No big deal. But just to make sure the person teaching you takes you seriously, start with saying the same phrase in the language you want to learn. In our case it is  Marwari.

I want to learn Marwari


Mahnne Marwari seekhno hai.
Mahnne Marwari seekhni hai.

Here, the former is typical Marwari and the latter is Marwari mixed with Hindi. The latter is mostly used when you want to ask in a formal way.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

You look beautiful/handsome. Marwari translation

The most romantic or pleasing phrase anyone could use would be 'you look beautiful'.
This works all the time when you use it in someone's native language.
If you're travelling to Rajasthan or giving your best shot to a Marwari (you know what I mean), this could help you a lot.

This also is said in 2 ways.

One being respectful and the other being informal.

You look very beautiful/handsome


To tell him: Aap ghana futra dikho
To tell her: Aap ghani futri dikho

To tell him: Tu ghano futro dikhe
To tell her: Tu ghani futri dikhe