Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Where have you been? Marwari Translation

You're waiting for someone at someplace or you've simply planned to meet up someone. The first thing you ask him/her on seeing them is 'Where have you been?' or 'Where did you go?' 

Let's see how you'd ask this question in Marwari.

"Where did you go?"


To him: Tu siddh gayo tho? or Tu khatte gayo tho?
To her: Tu siddh gayi thi? or Tu khatte gayi thi?

Respectful (common for both the genders)
Aap siddh gaya tha? or Aap khatte gaya tha?

Now let's look at another form of asking the same question.

"Where have you been?"


To him: Siddh jaane aariyo hai? or Khatte jaane aariyo hai?
To her: Siddh jaane aari hai? or Khatte jaane aari hai?

Respectful (common for both the genders)
Siddh jaane aariya ho? or Khatte jaane aariya ho?

What's happening? - Marwari Translation

Any icebreaker in a conversation or should I say any initial chat these days always starts with a "What's up", which basically means 'what's going on'.

Let me translate that into Marwari for you. So, you know, don't have to sit ideally in that marwari wedding *pun intended*.

"What's going on?"


"What's happening"

In Marwari, this is asked in just one way irrespective of the gender you're asking to.


Aur kai chaal riyo hai?