Thursday, 12 March 2015

You look beautiful/handsome. Marwari translation

The most romantic or pleasing phrase anyone could use would be 'you look beautiful'.
This works all the time when you use it in someone's native language.
If you're travelling to Rajasthan or giving your best shot to a Marwari (you know what I mean), this could help you a lot.

This also is said in 2 ways.

One being respectful and the other being informal.

You look very beautiful/handsome


To tell him: Aap ghana futra dikho
To tell her: Aap ghani futri dikho

To tell him: Tu ghano futro dikhe
To tell her: Tu ghani futri dikhe

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Where are you from? Marwari Translation

This is the question we ask to any stranger right after asking their name. Where are you from?
You will learn how to ask this in Marwari. Asking this to someone who speaks Marwari obviously shows that he/she is from Rajasthan. But you see Rajasthani people are spread all over the world.

This question too is asked in 2 forms.

One in a respectful way and the other in an informal way.

Where are you from?



Aap katta ra ho?


To ask him: Tu katta ro hai? 
To ask her: Tu katta ri hai?

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

How are you? Marwari Translation

So it's a been a while since I blogged. Sorry for that!
Today you'd learn the basic stuff which we ask almost every one we meet.
"How are you?"

In Marwari, this is asked in two ways.
One being in a respectful way and the other in an informal way.

How are you? Doing good?



Kikan ho? Theek ho?


Kikan hai? Theek hai?