Friday, 25 October 2013

You had lunch? Marwari Translation

Today I will teach you how to ask a Rajasthani man/woman whether he/she had food in Marwari.
In Marwari, there are no specific words for 'Breakfast', 'Lunch' or 'Dinner' as in English. It is generally called as food.

But, there are two ways of asking this question. Number one is asking it to a male and number two is asking it to a female.

1) Asking a male
Had your lunch/breakfast/dinner?

Translation :
Khaano khaliyo kai?

2) Asking a female
Had your lunch/breakfast/dinner?

Khaano khaali  kai?


  1. Thank you for this to ask "what you had in lunch or dinner?

  2. I miss you.. ko marwari me kya bolte hai

  3. In rajasthani Dinner is called Kaleou.And breakfast as Byalu

  4. Raath ki agni Thu. Dhin ki baadhal Thu. Mein naachoonga gahoonga sthuthi karoonga. Alba or omega bhi Thu. Aadhi oru anth bhi Thu. Mein naachoonga gahoonga

  5. Hi,
    I am planning to open a restaurant on Rajasthani Theme. Can you help me to find out the perfect name to match the theme? (it should be rajasthani and nearly related to food)